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Social Hub for Well-being


We envision a world in which ways of learning, working, and living respect the well-being of each individual and where all children are ensured welfare and education.


Our aim is to facilitate cooperation between government, private business, academia, and civil society in order to reimagine conventional paradigms in education, industry, and local communities. We are committed to achieving a society where all individuals can learn, work, and live in health and comfort.

Our Work

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Areas of Focus​

Social welfare, early childhood education, language education, diversity awareness, cultural exchange, internationalization of education, child-rearing, workstyle innovation, and well-being.


Core Values

T ransformation:  changing for the better

E xperience:         learning through action

A gency:               being in control of your future

L ove:                    showing compassion for                                             others


Kuu.365 Early Years Development & Learning is an independent research group dedicated to research in childhood education, multiliteracy, foreign language education, and workstyle innovation.


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 Our Team

Ikuko Yamada

Chief ​Director

After working in the corporate world, Ikuko studied the education system and childminding in the UK (NORLAND College), Reggio Emilia research in Italy (Reggio Children), and childcare and early childhood education at Ochanomizu University Life Science Department in Japan (ECCELL). She has opened her home to local children as a childminder, as well as a kid’s program in Guam,done research on Finland’s National Core Curriculum, organized international symposiums with domestic and international universities, and worked with museums and local governments coordinating a variety of children’s programs and hands-on workshops with particular focus on art and language education. As an active writer, instructor, and producer Ikuko continues to actively gather first-hand information and communicate her research in creative visual ways.


 David​ Manny 


A native of Texas and Harvard graduate, David started his professional career in Japan applying his background in engineering and cultural studies to work designing and creating products for leading corporations. His passion for language education led him to a career as a teaching professional, study abroad counselor, and consultant, where he has helped startups, working professionals, students, and children pursue their international dreams. Most recently he is working toward “Education for the 21st Century” in Japan through activities such as research on language education and English teacher training, international symposiums, and cultural exchange workshops. David’s ultimate goal is to tackle challenging social issues related to how we learn, work, and live.

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